Implants: An introduction

An introduction

There is little doubt that the advent of dental implants has revolutionised the rehabilitation of patients with missing teeth. A dental implant is a hollow titanium screw that is inserted into the jaw bone which provides support for a crown, bridge or denture superstructure. Titanium metal is highly biocompatible, so much so that bone essentially fuses with it, so rigidly anchoring the implant into the bone thus providing a versatile solution to tooth loss. This leads to a significant improvement in the patient’s quality of life with confidence in term of both function and aesthetics.

An initial consultation will assess the needs of the individual patient with respect to medical and local anatomical conditions and the available restorative options discussed. Treatment planning and costs are therefore specific for each patient and a detailed written treatment plan and quotation would follow this initial assessment.

Dental implant treatment is divided into 2 parts, an initial surgical phase followed a few weeks later by a restorative phase once the implant has successfully integrated into the bone. The surgical phase can often be carried out in the out-patient clinic setting under local anaesthetic in more straightforward cases. Treatments requiring bone grating or ridge augmentation may require a longer healing time or 2 stage surgery. Intravenous sedation or treatment under general anaesthesia can be offered for anxious patients or those requiring longer procedures.

Mr Tighe has extensive experience with Straumann® dental implants and this is his preferred system. Straumann® dental implants have a long and widely published history in the medical literature and success rates in excess of 97% are currently being achieved with good ongoing oral hygiene care and maintenance.

The restorative phase can often be undertaken by the referring practitioner but if not, arrangements can be made locally for this sole item of treatment to be undertaken prior to transfer back to your own dental surgeon’s ongoing care at completion.